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First and foremost Tripim is a social network. However, unlike most social networks it provides a very valuable service, one that goes far beyond meeting new people or communicating with friends. Imagine yourself in a foreign country during a business trip, after business hours with no plans and even worse, completely alone and clueless; The options you have in such a situation are usually a choice between simply getting completely lost in a city you don't know to grabbing a quick drink in the hotel bar or simply going to bed. It is at this point that steps into the picture and provides you with the most valuable service of finding your kind of people, in your current location far away from home and make plans with them. The concept behind Tripim is to take the basic social network platform and design it so that the website will serve as a location and preferences based meeting and social interaction generator for everyone who is away from home or even just feeling alone. Once logged into the system Tripim allows you to search for members that are just like you, interested in the same things and who speak your language (even if they are local residents) and make a connection with them. The concept behind the Tripim social network structure is different from that of current social network websites in that Tripim revolves around acquiring new networks of friends based on the users current location and their personal preferences, hobbies etc'.

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